The first specialized EMS studio that operated since March 2015, the first and so far and the only one in the Cyprus that operates legally, having the relevant operating license from the Cyprus Sports Organization, thus ensuring the safe training and health of the practitioners.


Build Muscles

Develop your muscular system, improving your strength, speed and endurance.

Lose body fat and weight

Force your body to burn a lot of calories, helping to increase metabolism in just 20 minutes.

For back and lower back pain

Reduce pain by targeting deep muscles that are difficult to train with conventional exercise.

If you recently given birth

Help your body recover quickly while strengthening the pelvic floor.

If you busy and short on time

No matter how much time you have, there will always be 20 minutes a week to exercise.

If you get bored of exercise easily

Not everyone likes exercise, now with EMS training you can get max results in min time.

20 minutes workout is enough...

EMS is the ultimate training system, the most innovative evolution of exercise, aimed at electrical muscle stimulation Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

EMS stimulates all of the body's muscle fibers simultaneously, which allows targeting specific muscle groups as well as training the entire body, with maximum results.