What is EMS training

EMS Training is essentially the training achieved with the method of electromyostimulation.

The use of EMS has been reported by sports scientists as a complementary technique for athletic conditioning, and published research is available on the results achieved.

Electromyostimulation began to gain the confidence of the sports world when it was found that there is a significant difference in the level, that this exogenous contraction factor, manages to mobilize the muscle fibers of a muscle unit.

Due to human physiology the brain can never innervate all the muscle fibers of a muscle.

The maximum mobilization that can be achieved in a well-trained muscle, during the contraction, is 60%-65% of its muscle fibers.

In training with electromyostimulation machines, mobilization of almost all muscle fibers in the corresponding contraction has been found.

The rate reached up to 95%-98%, which is unattainable with traditional gymnastics, increasing levels of athletic performance.

However, we are given the opportunity to train at high resistances and with a very high level of strength throughout the body, without the existence of a real weight that would burden our body and lead to long-term musculoskeletal injuries.

On the contrary, it gives us a form of treatment in the waist and knees, relieving us of any pain.

The exercise routine remains the same as what we would traditionally do to work out, the form in which we apply the weights to our body changes, wearing the form and applying pressure externally.

This fact establishes training in combination with electrostimulation machines as the most complete and effective form of exercise for the human body. This modern form of personal fitness guarantees a very fast result that will be noticed from the very first session.

Electrical stimulation training

EMS Training is safe and easy to use. In practice we do nothing more than wear a vest with electrodes which, as it comes into contact with the human body, allows all muscle groups from head to toe to be stimulated simultaneously or individually.

The exercise vests contain electrodes on all the muscles of the lower back, abs and chest. The training system is completed by fitting and connecting to the training vest, the electrodes for the arms, aprons and buttocks. Finally, by wearing the individual training form, the best implementation of the programs and optimal hygiene is achieved.

A total of eight pairs of electrodes are placed on the large muscle groups (legs, abdomen, buttocks, upper and lower back, chest, arms, shoulders).

Through pleasant stimulations, all the muscles located between the electrodes and deeper in the body (eg pelvic floor and deep back muscles) are activated and exercised.

This way each individual muscle is exercised in significantly less time and much more intensely and more frequently than with traditional exercise or conventional treatments. In combination with aerobic training, we promote the functionality of training to very high levels.

A gentle and pleasant stimulus simultaneously activates the skin and the musculature throughout the body. With the help of special programs and applications, you achieve the desired goal in a shorter time and with less effort, while the easy and functional application of the electrodes gives freedom to perform aerobic activity.

The way EMS Training works is revolutionary: all the muscles are simultaneously stimulated through electrical pulses.

In this way, you can train both specific muscle groups and the whole body properly and efficiently. The results are visible and noticeable in no time.

Ems Training is capable of stimulating all the major muscle groups of your body at the same time and does not focus on just one specific muscle group like the usual machines advertised on TV.

EMS training is usually done in a standing position, combined with some low-impact movements. Each muscle group can be stimulated and trained separately according to your goals and needs.

Agonist and antagonist muscles are always stimulated at the same time, which means you will be able to activate 90% of the muscle circuit located between two electrodes, including the deeper muscle layers.

EMS Training works at different frequencies, depending on the type of training and each muscle group as muscle tissue differs according to its position in the human body.

During training the machine allows us 3-4 seconds of relaxation between each 3-4 seconds of stimulation.

Research has shown that if there is not at least 1 second of relaxation between stimulations, muscle cells can be driven to complete exhaustion in a very quick time (within 1-2 minutes) which can cause damage to muscle tissue.

Ems Training is the ultimate "practice system" with a wide range of applications and achievement of personal goals. It incorporates the most innovative technology and combines comfort, pleasant exercise, and optimal results.

The classic design and minimal time provides a perfect result, allowing application in many different areas. With a revolutionary and simple mode of operation, Miha-Bodytec is the ultimate partner of every professional.

All of the body's muscle fibers are activated simultaneously, which allows targeting specific muscle groups and training the entire body, gently and effectively. The impressive results are quickly visible and detectable, and the training takes only 20 minutes.